Photo by  Sarah Menanix

As a photographer, I specialize in creating visually captivating food + beverage scenes. I was a cofounder of the popular food and entertaining blog HonestlyYUM, and my photographs and recipes have been featured in several web and print publications, including Buzzfeed, The Kitchn, Huffington Post, feedfeed, Food 52, Better Homes and Gardens, and San Francisco Magazine. Additionally, I have also contributed as a photographer and food stylist for the New York Times.

Born and raised in Berkeley, CA, I’ve been immersed in the Bay Area’s food and drink scene for as long as I can remember. Before my career as a photographer, I worked for several years in the restaurant industry, primarily as a bartender, and went on to found two beverage catering companies here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I’m a lifelong Oakland A’s and Golden State Warriors fan, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find me not fully caffeinated. These days, when I’m not behind the camera, you’re likely to find me down the block from my home in Berkeley at The Cheeseboard Collective, chowing down on some pizza and enjoying some live music with my lovely family.

If you're interested in my work (or just want to say hi) please don't hesitate to shoot me an email at - I'd love to collaborate on a project, no matter how big or small.